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Robin Davis Spiritual  Medium 

Messages from your loved ones in Heaven 

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Robin Davis

Spiritual  Medium

Welcome to my new website!

​​​​​​​My name is ​​​​Robin Davis and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Spirit.  I have made the commitment through mediumship to spread the word that life is continuous.   As a conduit for Spirit, I will channel messages from your loved ones that will help you feel the compassion and love they're sending to you.  My sessions are informative, healing and fun.  I  will use my connection to Spirit to clarify issues, release blocked energy and give you a more positive outlook.  I also work with you to recognize the negative energy that is in your vibration, shift your thoughts to a more positive vibration and instantly start changing your circumstances.  The more information you have, the easier it becomes to change a direction, head off a problem or help some desired results to come into reality.  I am a Certified Psychic/Medium by Registered Lily Dale Medium, Patricia Price, through the Trilogy Institute and I have participated in an outdoor meeting and platform service  in Lily Dale.  I am a channel and light worker with certifications of Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiiki® MT, Sai Maa Diksha practitioner/teacher, Black Hat Feng Shui Practitioner and is an ordained minister with The Universal Life Church. 

​​I am forever grateful to all my teachers that have shared their knowledge and path with me.  They are as follows:  Michaela Lemelin, Patricia Price, Charlie Ford, Royce Del Merari,  Terene Cap Day, Anne Reith, Nick Sutcliffe and Nate Batoon.